by Rowdy SS

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glass and reflections


released December 14, 2018

words + vocals + production : rowdy ss


all rights reserved



Rowdy SS London, UK

Rowdy SS is a London born and based artist working at the intersection of sound/music, dance/movement live and in videos; their works have delved into love, and mine life to share visions of said life.

Rowdy was previously a member of Atari Teenage Riot and has worked with numerous artist (Lee Scratch Perry, Eska, Zero 7, Matthew Herbert, Adamski) and puts on club/liveart nights in London. ‘
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Track Name: You Already Know
slow / dont / ask me another question / peeling off all of my skin / oh no / dont / shhh / stop / your fucking this up / your ruining this feeling we're trying to build / the answer / you already know
Track Name: Uncapeable
i guess i could've called
but you don't answer your phone anymore
any more anymore

i could've came round
could have seen you
could have rung your bell
but you dont answer your door to me
no more
you don't answer the door to me no more
you wont answer the door

i dont want to feel uncapeable

this one must be love / feeling like its love
tusk comes from mud / mud comes from the earth
its kind, of fucked up, that's why i wanna stay
yes i wanna stay
how can this be love / design in all your patterns
i'll find a way to trace it back
across the point where we move forward
yes you were the one
this is the love overly

i dont want to feel uncapeable
Track Name: Come Clean
i couldn't lie to you
as much as you'd ask me too
all of this love that you give
i was a fool to lose
Track Name: Window Seat
its so unimportant
discussing the small things
their ever changing
we're ever changing
its so unimportant
going in circles
when your tryna run a straight race
and win in first place

its was all there
and it was all clear
but your neurosis made you
see things
a different way to me
respect fully
under stand in our differences

its kind of important
that you dont distort it
the way its reported
is the truth of the story
but you second guess
all of the in formation that im giving you
have'nt got a clue what to do
Track Name: Thus Road
down this road
i dont know which way im gonna walk
i aint giving it much thought
thinking about left or right
i walk straight forward
thing about love is all i
things are gone now

things are gonna get much brighter
i can fill
all in places
hold in or?

i dont want weight im light
this dark ride
i dont want to go, no, where?
nowhere (x4)

i think i can make it out
i can let all this go
thinking bout the call that time
knowing that i be just fine

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